Electromagnetic Tension Clutches and Brakes

TB Series Basic Tension

Annular style 24 VDC tension brakes for light to medium duty unwind tension applications.

  • Sizes: 1.7” to 15.25” diameter
  • Torque range: 0.50 lb.ft. to 256 lb.ft.
  • Thermal range: .019 HP to 1.09 HP

M Series Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnet brakes and clutches are ideal for light tensioning applications, such as film and fine wires. They require no external power, have a wide ,range of torque adjustment, have no friction surfaces to wear, and offer chatter-free torque control even at very low speeds.
  • Torque range from 1 oz.in. through 65 lb.in.
  • Manual torque adjustment
  • Constant torque with varying speeds.

ATT Series Advanced Technology

Designed for intermediate web tension ranges. Three size ranges.

  • One piece clutch design for easy shaft mounting
  • Brakes are flange mounted and the armature is the only rotating member
  • Clutch torque ranges 7 to 41 lb.ft. Brake torque ranges from 8 to 62 lb.ft.
  • Replaceable friction faces and armature rings.

MTB Series Modular Tension

Modular Tension Brakes (Electro-Disc) are modular caliper type electric brakes used for unwind tensioning. Torque is varied by disc diameter and by changing the number of magnets on the friction disc(s)
  • 10”, 13”, 15” and 20” diameters
  • Torque ranges to 1120 lb.ft.
  • Thermal capacities to HP
  • Brakes rebuildable by changing only friction pads and armature disks.

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