General Duty Linear Actuators S-Track and Programmable S-Track

New S-Track electric actuators are designed for better control and quieter operation in general duty applications including medical, industrial, turf & garden and recreational vehicles.

s-track-basic-controlS-Track Basic Control
The control allows for 12 or 24 VDC switched power operation of the S-Track actuator by turning power off to the motor automatically when the internal end limits are reached.

Stand. Stroke Length in. (mm)

2 to 12 in 2” increments
(50 to 300 in 50mm increments)

Input Voltage (vdc): 12, 24


  • The end limits are factory set to the maximum allowable stroke of the actuator
  • The current and temperature of the motor are monitored at all times and power will be removed from the motor when exceeded to protect components from failure
  • Through the 8-pin molded connector there are several standard input and output features to monitor the operation of the actuator
  • There is a 0-10 VDC position output that follows linearly with the position of the actuator and is offered in many different voltages and currents
  • There is also end of stroke limit outputs which indicate when the actuator reaches the fully retracted and extended positions
  • These outputs can be set at the factory as, active low or active high independently and are good for up to 1 amp
  • To maintain all of these output signals when switched power is off, a live power feature is available
  • IP69K rating
    • Ingress Protection at 176º F/80º C (1450 psi/100 bars)
    • Ingress Protection of solid foreign objects (including dust)
    • Tested according to DIN 40505 Part 9 Standard

Typical Applications:

  • Indoor Office Equipment
  • Medical
  • Deck Lifts
  • Gate Openers

General Duty Linear Actuator
Acme Screw

Up to 400 lbs. (182kg) Rated Load
Up to 1 in. (25.4mm)/sec. Travel Speed

Drive Type: Acme Screw

Load Capacity & Speed

lbs. @ in./sec.
125 @ 1.0
175 @ 0.75
200 @ 0.50
225 @ 0.62
300 @ 0.33
400 @ 0.25

Technical Product Data
S-Track Please Refer to pages 12-15 of the catalog (P-1581)