Tension Controls | Dancer Controls

MCS-203 Dancer Control

MCS-203-GThe MCS-203 automatically controls web tension through a dancer roll and sensor. It has 24 VDC output for use with TB, ATTB & ATTC, and Magnetic Particle clutches and brakes.

Operates two 24 VDC tension brakes in parallel when using dual MCS-166 power supplies
Full P-I-D loop adjustment and system gain adjustment for optimum control.
Available in open frame or enclosed wall/shelf mount enclosure.

MCS-207 Pneumatic Dancer Control

MCS-207This control provides automatic web tensioning using a dancer roll and pivot point sensor.

Operates most pneumatic clutches and brakes
Automatic control for precise tensioning with minimal operator involvement
Full P-I-D loop and system gain adjustments for optimum control
Switch selectable output operates E to P transducers (0–10VDC) or I to P transducers (1–5mA, 4–20mA, 20–50mA) with zero and span adjustments.

TCS-210 Dancer Control

TCS-210-clipThe TCS-210 automatically controls web tension through a dancer roll and position sensor. It outputs to an Electro Disc or other electromagnetic tension brake.

Input: 48 VDC, 1.6 amps continuous, 6 amps intermittent
Output per magnet: 0–270 mA running, 270–500 mA stopping
Cabinet mounting enclosure with exposed wiring or wall/shelf mounting enclosure with conduit entrance.

TCS-310 Dancer Splicer Control

TCS-310-clipThe TCS-310 is an automatic splicer control that operates two Electro Disc or other electromagnetic tension brakes, one brake controlling and one brake holding, or two tension brakes operating simultaneously. It can also be used as a dual brake control operating up to 24 MTB brake magnets.

Input: 48 VDC, 3.2 amps continuous, 12 amps intermittent
Output per magnet is 0–270 mA running, 270–500 mA stopping, 0–90 mA holding
Available as open frame or with NEMA 4 enclosure