Tension Controls | Modular Control Units

XCTRL Controller

XCTRLThe Warner Electric XCTRL Controller and X2DRV Driver are specifically designed for the unique requirements of tension control with Dancer arm or Load cells. The XCTRL controller combines leading technology with advanced functionality to create a performance driven, convenient and easy to operate tension control system. The X2DRV Driver offers the most advanced control technology to get the best accurate control of all electromagnetic brakes. It suits almost all brakes types, from the well known Warner’s TB brakes up to the Mag particles brakes.

Key Benefits Include:

2 Sensors Inputs, supporting Dancer Arm or Load cells sensors.
2 Channels selectable Outputs 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.
2 PID Controllers with Linear or Automatic Inertia compensation.
Easy Splicing set up.
Set it up and Forget it : Parameters saving thu USB, and SD Card.
USB Connection. I/O Remote control.
Free User Friendly Application.

X2DRV Driver

X2DRV_000Key Benefits Include:

2 Channels, 24VDC, 4 Amps with Antiresidual control. Voltage or Current controlled.
2 Inputs control: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.
2 Integrated Open loop controls.
2 Auxiliary Diameter Compensation Inputs (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) for automatic roll diameter compensation.

MCS 2000 Series Digital Web Tension Control

MCS2000The MCS2000 Web Tension Controller handles all winding, intermediate zone and unwinding applications. MCS2000 easily interfaces to the appropriate clutch/brake driver or motor drive. The digital controller ends the problem of handling large diameter ratios greater than 10:1.

Key Benefits Include:

P-I-D parameter programming
Automatic P-I-D parameter adaption
Dual outputs in either current or voltage operation modes
Auto-splice circuit
Optically isolated I/O
PLC compatible
Auto ranging of sensors
Programmed via hand held programmer or Windows PC program
Programmable based parameters may be saved on a plug-in memory card
Multilingual programming
Usable for unwind/zone/rewind: Electric or Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes, AC, DC, Servo or Stepping Motor Drives.