Warner Electric 5104-271-009 SFP Series Electro Clutch

  • 5104-271-009
  • Shaft Mounted
  • Model Size: SFP-400
  • Voltage: 6 VDC
  • Static Torque: 125 lb. in.
  • Max RPM: 5000
  • Bore Size: 7/8″

Model No. – SFP-400
Bore Size – .8755″
Keyway – .1875 – .964
Voltage D.C. – 6
Original Part No – 5104-271-009

Packaged Stationary Field Clutches (SFP) – Electro Clutches
Warner Electric’s packaged stationary field clutches are factory assembled and burnished to deliver the maximum rated torque immediately. In addition, a packaged product assures that all engineering factors regarding the proper alignment of components to one another have been established at the factory. This allows the unit to be ‘slid on the shaft’ after being shipped to you. The proper alignment of components is critical to achieving maximum torque and assuring long life.

No brushes to wear out
Besides saving valuable assembly and run-in time, the SFP clutches incorporate an original Warner Electric concept. The concept of the stationary field eliminates the need for brushes. Brushes can be a high maintenance item in an electromagnetic clutch because of the mechanical friction seen at the collector ring. There is no mechanical friction with the stationary field design. In sum, all of the best possible features wrapped up into one compact package – Warner Electric’s SFP.

No assembly required
Anti-backlash armatures standard
Ball bearing mounted field and armature hub
Four sizes available
Size 180 – 15 in. lbs.
Size 250 – 70 in. lbs.
Size 325 – 125 in. lbs.
Size 400 – 270 in. lbs.

Packaged Stationary Field Clutches (SFP)
Product Data – Reference (Pages 90-93) in catalog P-1234

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric Shaft Mounted Clutches Catalog