Warner Electric 5131-273-031 Washdown Electro Pack


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  • 5131-273-031
  • Washdown Electro Pack
  • Model Size: EP-400-W
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 270 lb. in.
  • Max RPM: 4500

Washdown Electro Pack Clutch/Brake Model No. – EP-400-W Voltage D.C. – 90 Original Part No – 5131-273-031 If your clutch/brake application demands consistent, repeatable performance cycle after cycle, through wet and dry conditions, choose Warner Electric’s Washdown Electro Pack Clutch/Brakes. Even in the most demanding environments, Washdown Electro Pack Clutch/Brakes (EP-W) will weather the storm. Designed specifically for use in food, sanitary or any other washdown application, these packaged clutch/brakes are totally enclosed in smooth, completely sealed, rugged enclosures to keep wear particles in and contaminants out. Washdown Electro Packs are factory aligned, assembled and burnished for consistent out-of-the-box performance. • USDA Approved coating • Smooth exterior • Shielded/sealed bearings • Available in 70 and 270 lb-in Static torque configurations • Available in 24 and 90 vdc Warner Electric’s new Washdown Electro Packs are currently available in two sizes, and in 24 and 90 volt configurations. If your application requires a different voltage or mounting configuration, please contact Warner Electric for assistance. Washdown Electro Pack Clutch/Brake

Manuals and Specifications

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