Warner Electric 5191-170-009 AT Clutch ATB Series

Model No. – ATB-25
Bore Size – 7/8″
Voltage D.C. – 90
Original Part No – 5191-170-009

ATC Series AT Clutch
Rugged and Durable Operation

Mounting Flexibility
The ATC clutch design represents the best combination of features to allow mounting of the widest range of pulleys, sheaves or sprockets with keys and snap rings or bolts for maximum durability. The pulleys or sheaves selected as standard offerings to support the line are matched to the torque capability of each clutch. The torques and wear lives have been designed to match industry-standard motors and reducers by shaft size and bore size.
ATC Series AT Clutch
Product Data – Reference (Pages 82-91) in catalog P-1234

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