Warner Electric 5234-273-012 EP Series

  • 5234-273-012
  • EP Series
  • Model Size: EP-1525HT
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 1350 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 1800

(EP) Series Electro Pack

Model No. – EP-1525HT
Voltage D.C. – 90
Original Part No – 5234-273-012

Electro Packs are rugged, pre-assembled clutch and brake combinations in an enclosed, foot mounted housing.

They are factory aligned and pre-assembled and have been designed to mate easily with industry standard motors and reducers with v-belts, pulleys, chain and sprockets, in line couplings and timing belt drives.
• Bolt-it-down and wire-it-up . . . it’s ready to go!
• Maintenance free
• A wide torque range from 15 lb. in. to 1350 lb. ft.

Manuals and Specifications

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CatalogWarner Electric EP Series Catalog