Warner Electric 5370-170-212 Spring Set Brake


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  • 5370-170-212
  • Spring-Set Brake Modules
  • Model Size: EM-180
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 34 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 3600
  • NEMA Frame Size: 143TC/145TC

Spring-Set Brake Modules

Model No. – EM-180/ERS-57
Voltage D.C. – 90
Gen 2 Part No – 5370-170-212
Original Part No – 5370-170-127

Packaged Spring-Set Brake
Module for Holding Applications
The Spring-Set Brake Module is a NEMA C-face compatible unit designed to perform holding as well as occasional emergency stopping functions, making it particularly well-suited for motor brake applications. Because it is designed to be mounted on the front of a motor, it is an excellent choice for retrofitting an existing motor, or for use on custom designed machinery.

• NEMA C-face compatible mounting
• Performs holding functions with
occasional e-stops
• Completely assembled and
prebur nished at the factory
• Easy to install
• No adjustment required
• High torque, lead-free and
asbestos-free friction material
Principle of Operation
SSBM Brake torque is developed when springs apply a clamping force between the brake armature and the friciton disc to the end plate. Spring clamping force provides the holding torque of the brake

Gen2 units are direct replacements for original models

  • Changes to the housing fin design increases heat dissipation capacities, especially in the enclosed configuration of the UniModule.
  • Improved input to output axis design reduces vibration and improves noise and wear factors.
  • Use of custom designed mounting bolts allows for conduit box location directly on top of the unit.
  • Bolt hole patterns are re-positioned for ease of mounting.
  • Add-on enclosure cover kits allow for a unit to be upgraded to an enclosed unit in the field without replacing the clutch/brake. A cover plate bolts to both sides of the unit creating a completely enclosed brake package, which keeps contaminates out and wear particles in, for clean, quiet operation.

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric Spring-Set Brake Modules Catalog