Warner Electric 5370-270-201 Clutch Module


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  • Model Number: EM-50-10
  • Series: EM Series
  • Part Number: 5370-270-201
  • Voltage: 6 VDC
  • NEMA Frame Size: 56C/48Y
  • Old Part Number: 5370-270-020

Note: Part Number 5370-270-201 is a direct replacement for Part Number 5370-270-020.

Model No. – EM-50-10
Part Number – 5370-270-201
Old Part Number – 5370-270-020
Voltage D.C. – 6V

EM-50-10 Model Selection and Accessories
Is the EM-50-10 the correct clutch module for you?
1. Verify the NEMA Frame Size when mounting on the prime mover.
2. Use chart to verify the EM-50-10 is within RPM and Horsepower limits.
3. Verify Torque and Heat Dissipation (See Catalog page A-5 for details.)
4. Add desired accessories – mounting kits, cover kit, and conduit box.

EM Series Description
Electro Modules are individual clutch or brake units which are assembled together to comprise a clutch, brake, or clutch/brake combination. Electro Modules can be bolted directly to a NEMA C-face motor or reducer or they can be base mounted for stand alone operation. Electro Modules offer the ultimate in clutch/brake convenience. They are easy and quick to install and require no lubrication or maintenance for life.

1/4 to 7-1/2 HP at 1800 RPM
Smooth start and stops
Consistent performance
Complete control capability

Click on the link below to see Drawings and Specs:

Conduit Box 5370-101-042
Base Mount Kit 5370-101-004
Motor Mount Kit 5370-101-078
Cover Kit 5370-101-076

Looking for parts for an EM-50-10?

EM Series
EM-50-10 Component Parts
Item Description Part Number
1 Field Mounting Screw 797-1214
2 Housing 535-0204
3 Bushing 572-0522
4 Retaining Ring 748-0018
5 Retaining Ring 748-0561
6 Bearing 166-0150
7 Field Assembly – 6 Volt 5370-451-201
8 Rotor Assembly 5370-751-019
9 Set Screw 797-1098
10 Mounting Accessory 5370-101-075
10-1 Tie Bolt 825-0014

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric EM Series Electro Module Catalog
Service Parts Warner Electric EM Series Electro Module Service Parts