Warner Electric 5370-273-153 UM FBC Series

  • Model Number: UM-100-1020FBC
  • Series: UM-FBC
  • Part Number: 5370-273-153
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • NEMA Frame Size: 56C/48Y
  • New Part #: 5370-273-248
Note:5370-273-248 is the direct replacement for this part number.Please click the link below to view and compare ratings and specifications


Note: Part Number 5370-273-248 is a direct replacement for Part Number 5370-273-153.

Model No. – UM-100-1020FBC
Part Number – 5370-273-153
New Part Number – 5370-273-248
Voltage D.C. – 24V

UM-100-1020FBC Model Selection and Ordering
Is the UM-100-1020FBC the correct brake for you?
1.Verify that the brake will be cycled frequently in normal operation.
2. Use chart to verify the UM-100-1020FBC is within RPM and Horsepower limits.
3. Verify Torque Ratings (See Catalog for details.)

How To Order:
1. Specify Model Number & Voltage or the 10-digit part number.
2. Specify conduit box, if desired.

UM-FBC Series Description
Warner Electric offers the convenience of
pre-assembled UniModule clutch/electrically released brake packages.Assembly, alignment, and pre-burnishing
have been done at the factory. Bolt it on, wire it up, and your clutch/electrically released brake is ready to go. Available in both C-face and base mounted versions. Warner Electric’s unique design employs powerful permanent magnets for maximum torque when power is removed from the brake coil. A small amount of electrical power applied to the brake coil nullifies the permanent magnets and the brake releases. No springs to limit cycle rates. Never any adjustments. No lubrication. These brakes are recommended for dynamic cycling operations only.

Designed for Dynamic stopping operations.
Brake automatically engages when power is turned off.
Never needs adjustment – automatically compensates for wear.

UM-100-1020FBC Accessories

Description Part Number
Conduit Box 5370-101-042
Motor Mount Kit 5370-101-078
Cover Kit 5370-101-076
UM Series 2

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric UM-FBC Series Electrically Released NEMA C-face Brakes