Warner Electric 5380-101-004 FB Series Brakes

  • 5380-101-004
  • FB Series
  • Model Size: FB-375
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 10.5 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 5000

FB Series Electrically Released Brakes Model No. – FB-375 Motor Shaft Size – .875″ Original Part No – 5380-101-004 Electro Packs are rugged, pre-assembled clutch and brake c Selection Procedure FB (Shaft Mounted) Series brakes are available in three models to provide an optimum size to match your application requirements. Static torque capabilities range from 10.5 lb.ft. to 56 lb.ft. Brakes on single shaft extension motors (see motor adapter bore size chart on page 136). For double shaft extension motors, the adapter can be eliminated. Specify motor shaft size. Typical Application Storage Elevator These brakes will stop as well as keep a load in position until they are electrical ly released. They are also used as emergency stopping devices FB Series Electrically Released Brakes Product Data – Reference (Pages 135-137) in catalog P-1234

Manuals and Specifications

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CatalogWarner Electric Permanent Magnet Electrically Released Brakes Catalog 
CatalogWarner Electric  FB Series Service Parts Catalog