Warner Electric 5384-170-003 Electric Shaft Mounted Brake

Model Size – EB-1000
Bore Size – 1/2″ to 1-5/8″
Voltage D.C. – 6
Part No – 5384-170-003


Electric Shaft Mounted Brakes – Electro Brakes
Electro Brakes mount directly on a motor or through shaft for basic braking functions.

Torque arm feature makes Electro Brakes easy to install on any through shaft or double shaft motor.

Segmented and fluted armature disc provides maximum cooling of friction surfaces.

Six sizes of clutches and brakes
16 lb. ft. to 465 lb. ft. torque range
Preassembled. Factory aligned.
Mounting flexibility
Simple to install

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Warner Electric EB Series Electro Brake PDF