Electromagnetic Tension Clutches and Brakes


TB-SeriesTB Series Basic Tension

Annular style 24 VDC tension brakes for light to medium duty unwind tension applications.

  • Sizes: 1.7” to 15.25” diameter
  • Torque range: 0.50 lb.ft. to 256 lb.ft.
  • Thermal range: .019 HP to 1.09 HP


permanent magneticM Series Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnet brakes and clutches are ideal for light tensioning applications, such as film and fine wires. They require no external power, have a wide ,range of torque adjustment, have no friction surfaces to wear, and offer chatter-free torque control even at very low speeds.

  • Torque range from 1 oz.in. through 65 lb.in.
  • Manual torque adjustment
  • Constant torque with varying speeds.


ATT SeriesATT Series Advanced Technology

Designed for intermediate web tension ranges. Three size ranges.

  • One piece clutch design for easy shaft mounting
  • Brakes are flange mounted and the armature is the only rotating member
  • Clutch torque ranges 7 to 41 lb.ft. Brake torque ranges from 8 to 62 lb.ft.
  • Replaceable friction faces and armature rings.


MTB-SeriesMTB Series Modular Tension

Modular Tension Brakes (Electro-Disc) are modular caliper type electric brakes used for unwind tensioning. Torque is varied by disc diameter and by changing the number of magnets on the friction disc(s)

  • 10”, 13”, 15” and 20” diameters
  • Torque ranges to 1120 lb.ft.
  • Thermal capacities to HP
  • Brakes rebuildable by changing only friction pads and armature disks.