Warner Electric ER Series Brakes

Dynamic Engagement Brakes

ER brakes provide a permanent magnet engage/electrically released design. This brake must be engaged while the shaft is in motion. Shaft speed should be 100 RPM or greater when the brake is engaged. This style brake offers a bulkhead flange mounting system, the highest torque rating offered by Warner Electric in the power released series, high cycle rate capability, and excellent life.

• Designed for dynamic stopping operations
• High cycle rated capability
• Inside or Outside mount options for 475 or 650 sizes
• Normal or Heavy Duty options available in larger sizes

ER Series brakes are available in five sizes . Static torque ratings range from 10.5 lb.ft. to 400 lb.ft

Selection Procedure
Verify that the brake will be cycled frequently in normal operation. Determine the horsepower and speed at the brake location.

ER Series Electrically Released Brakes
Product Data – Reference (Pages A-8 to A-11) in catalog P-8590

ModelVoltage DCMax. RPMBore Size
ER-37590V5000.500″ & .625″
ER-47590V4500.500″ to 1.000″
ER-65090V3600.500″ to 1.375″
ER-825 ND90V, 24V3600.500″ to 1.625″
ER-825 HD90V, 24V3600.500″ to 1.500″
ER-1225 ND35-75V3000.937″ to 3.00″
ER-1225 HD35-75V3000.75″ to 2.687″

Component Parts

DescriptionPart No. Part No. Part No.
(1/2″ to 1″ Bore)(1/2″ to 1-3/8″ Bore)
1/2″ Bore540-0846
5/8″ Bore540-0847
Magnet And Armature (Inside Mounted, 90V)
Sold only in matched pairs*5255-55256-6
Autogap Accessory5391-101-0035392-101-003
Terminal Accessory5103-101-0025103-101-002
Magnet And Armature (Outside Mounted, 90V)
Sold only in matched pairs*5254-15255-65256-7
Autogap Accessory5390-101-0025391-101-0035392-101-003
Terminal Accessory5103-101-0025103-101-0025103-101-002
Mounting Accessory
Inside Mount5255-101-0015256-101-003
Outside Mount5254-101-0025255-101-0025256-101-003
Conduit Box5200-101-0105200-101-0105200-101-010

Component Parts

ER-825 Normal DutyER-825 Heavy DutyER-1225 Normal DutyER-1225 Heavy Duty
DescriptionPart No.Part No.Part No.Part No.
7/8″ to 1-5/8″ Bore7/8″ to 1-1/2″ Bore15/16″ to 3″ Bore3/4″ to 2-11/16″ Bore
Armature Hub540-0394540-0015
Splined Hub540-0057540-0064
Retainer Ring748-0006748-0005
Mounting Accessory, I.M.5321-101-0015321-101-0015321-101-0015321-101-001
Magnet (I.M.) and armature24V 5250-315250-26
Sold only in matched pairs*90V 5250-305250-255252-95252-4
Terminal Accessory5311-101-0015311-101-0015311-101-0015311-101-001
Autogap Accessory5201-101-0085201-101-008
Conduit Box5200-101-0105200-101-0105200-101-0105200-101-010

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