Warner Electric On and Off Controls Basic Start-Stop

On-Off Controls for Basic Start-Stop

Warner Electric’s On-Off Controls provide basic starting and stopping functions for use with one or two clutch/brake units. They are available for conduit box, octal socket, or panel mounting applications.

Integral/Conduit Box Mounted Controls

CBC-100 Series Control
CBC100 control Single Channel Capacity The CBC-100 mounts inside a standard Warner Electric conduit box and includes rectification and suppression circuits

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-100-1120 VAC90 VDC6003-448-101
CBC-100-2220/240 VAC90 VDC6003-448-103


CBC-150 Series Contro
CBC150 controlDual Channel Capacity The CBC-150 replaces the cover on the standard module conduit box. Provides rectification and suppression for two devices. Green LED indicates power to clutch. Red LED indicates power to brake

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-150-1120 VAC90 VDC6004-448-001
CBC-150-2220/240 VAC90 VDC6004-448-002


CBC-160 Series Controls
CBC160_controlElectrically Released Brake Control The CBC-160 clutch/brake control provides a single 90 VDC adjustable output for use with any clutch/brake unit. The adjustable output will provide consistent and repeatable release for Warner Electric’s 90 VDC permanent magnet electrically released brakes. The CBC-160 mounts as the cover on the standard module conduit box.

The 160-1 accommodates 120 volts A.C. motors, while the power to the 160-2 control can come from either a 230 volt or 460 volt A.C. motor. Customer-provided switching is accomplished through the motor starter on the A.C. input. This allows convenient retrofit of spring-set style motor brakes and inexpensive installation of new applications.

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-160-1N120 VACSingle Channel, 30-100 VDC6013-448-001
CBC-160-2N220/240 VACSingle Channel, 30-100 VDC6013-448-002


Plug-In Octal Socket Controls

CBC-801 Series Controls
CBC801_controlMulti-Unit Capacity The CBC-801 is a basic on-off power supply that provides full voltage to a 90 volt clutch or brake and is activated by an external switch. The CBC-801 is a plug-in power supply, which is used with an octal socket (purchased separately). The CBC-801 will operate two units separately, or simultaneously.

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-801-1120 VAC90 VDC6001-448-004
CBC-801-2220/240 VAC90 VDC6001-448-006


CBC 802 Series
CBC802_controlPLC Compatible The CBC-802 is a power supply with solid state circuits for load switching. A brake and clutch may be operated separately – or, two brakes or two clutches, one unit on at a time. The CBC-802 mounts on an octal socket (purchased separately), and the wiring connections are made at the socket terminals.

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-802120 VAC90 VDC6002-448-001

Panel Mounted Controls

CBC 400 series dual channel control
Dual Channel Control The CBC-400 is a basic on-off control which supplies 24 or 90 VDC for electric clutch/brake operation. They offer optically isolated switching inputs for start, stop, and emergency stop (E-stop). These controls can be set up to operate the two outputs alternately (single) or simultaneously (dual).

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltagePart No.
CBC-400-2424-30 VAC24 VDC6006-448-002
CBC-400-90120 VAC90 VDC6006-448-003


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