Warner Electric PB-1225 Heavy Duty

PB Series Brake
PB-1225 Heavy Duty

™ The PB Series brakes consist of a magnet, armature and mounting hub in a very simple and extremely compact design.
These units meet the standards of UL508 and are listed
under guide card #NMTR, file #59164.
These units are CSA certified under file #LR11543.
Refer to Service Manual P-201.

PB-1225 Heavy Duty
ItemDescriptionPart NumberQty.
1Armature Assembly5323-111-0011
1-2Splined Adapter104-00101
1-3Autogap Accessory5323-101-0021
3/4” to 2-11/16” Bore180-0026 to 180-0057
3Splined Hub540-00641
4Retainer Ring748-00051
5AMounting Accessory – I.M.5321-101-0011
5BMounting Accessory – O.M.5321-101-0022
6AMagnet – Inside Mounted1
6 Volt5313-631-005
24 Volt5313-631-006
90 Volt5313-631-007
†90 Volt LK Facing5313-631-001
6A-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
6BMagnet – Outside Mounted1
6 Volt5313-631-010
24 Volt5313-631-012
90 Volt5313-631-011
†90 Volt LK Facing5313-631-002
6B-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
7Conduit Box5200-101-0111

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