Warner Electric PC-825 Clutch

PC Series Clutch

™ Current is carried through brushes and the collector ring to the rotating magnet. The PC design is less expensive than the SF design.

These units, when used in conjunction with the correct
Warner Electric conduit box, meet the standards set of
UL508 and are listed under guide card #NMTR2, file
These units are CSA certified under file #LR11543.

Product Data – Reference (Pages 16-73) in catalog P-1264

PC-825 Normal Duty
ItemDescriptionPart NumberQty.
2Autogap Accessory5201-101-0083
3Mounting Accessory5321-101-0011
6 Volt5301-631-002
24 Volt5301-631-004
90 Volt5301-631-005
†90 Volt LK Facing5301-631-011
4-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
1/2” to 1-5/8” Bore180-0131 to 180-0149
6Magnet Hub1
Left Hand (shown)5301-541-001
Right Hand5301-541-002
6-1Collector Ring5301-749-0011
6-2Collector Ring Accessory5301-101-0021

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