Warner Electric SF-1000 Bearing Mounted

stationary-field-deisgn-warner-electic-cluchSF Series Clutch
SF-1000 Bearing Mounted

™ Flange or bearing mounted styles
™ The SF design eliminates collector rings and brush-holder. Ideal for adverse environmental conditions. Mounting tolerances are generally more critical than the PC design.

Product Data – Reference (Pages 16-73) in catalog P-1264

SF-1000 Bearing Mounted
Normal DutyDescriptionPart NumberQty.
2Autogap Accessory5201-101-0083
1/2” to 2” Bore180-0155 to 180-0179
4Field & Rotor Assembly1
6 Volt5202-452-012
24 Volt5202-452-014
90 Volt5202-452-015
Standard Friction Material5202-751-003
†Optional LK Facing5202-751-007
4-3Field & Bearing Assembly1
6 Volt5202-451-040
24 Volt5202-451-042
90 Volt5202-451-043
4-4Retainer Ring748-01161
4-5Ball Bearing166-10461
4-6Retainer Ring748-05821
4-7Rotor Hub540-13001
9Conduit Box5200-101-0121
4-4Retainer Ring748-01111
4-6Retainer Ring748-00161
5Bushing*180-0002 to180-00181
6Conduit Box5200-101-0121
4-8Buttonhead Capscrew797-12616
4-9Ring Adapter748-10471
04-11Socket Head Capscrew797-04246
5Conduit Box5200-101-0121

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