Warner Electric SFC-650 Bearing Mounted

SFC Series Clutch
SFC-650 Bearing Mounted

™ The SFC Series clutch couplings employ the same basic components as the SF design except for a splined hub and adapter which serves as a coupling for in-line shaft applications.

Product Data – Reference (Pages 16-73) in catalog P-1264

SFC-650 Bearing Mounted
ItemDescriptionPart NumberQty.
1Autogap Accessory5181-101-0104
1/2” to 1-5/8” Bore180-0326 to 180-0344
3Armature Hub5207-541-0021
5Field and Rotor Assembly1
6 Volt5207-452-002
24 Volt5207-452-005
90 Volt5207-452-004
5-1Rotor Assembly5281-751-0011
5-2Rotor Hub540-06141
5-3Reverse Mounting Accessory5201-101-0051
5-4Field Assembly1
6 Volt5281-451-002
24 Volt5281-451-004
90 Volt5281-451-005
05/04/01Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
5-5Ball Bearing166-01041
5-6Retainer Ring – Exterior748-00041
5-7Retainer Ring – Interior748-01041
1/2” to 1-1/2” Bore180-0002 to180-0018
†7Torque Arm Accessory5207-101-0031
8Conduit Box5200-101-0101

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