Warner Electric Shaft Mounted Clutches

Packaged Performance Products are clutches and brakes which are assembled and aligned at the factory for maximum performance and ease of installation. Offered as clutches, brakes, and clutch/brake combinations, packaged products can be base mounted, shaft mounted, or installed on or between C-face motors and reducers.

Electro Clutches (EC)

EC_SeriesElectro Clutches (EC) provide all the features of electric clutches and brakes in a convenient, pre-packaged assembly. ECs mount on any through shaft or extended motor shaft, and are easy-to-assemble with standard sheaves, pulleys, gears and sprockets.

Pre-Packaged Convenience
6 sizes
16 to 465 lb. ft. torque range

Electro Clutches (EC) Product
Warner Electro EC Series Electro Clutch PDF

Data Reference (Pages 67-73) in catalog P-1234


Packaged Stationary Field Clutches (SFP)
SFP_SeriesWarner Electric’s packaged stationary field clutches are factory assembled and burnished to deliver the maximum rated torque immediately. In addition, a packaged product assures that all engineering factors regarding the proper alignment of components to one another have been established at the factory. This allows the unit to be ‘slid on the shaft’ after being shipped to you. The proper alignment of components is critical to achieving maximum torque and assuring long life.
Field Clutches (SFP) Product Data
Warner Electro SFP Series Electro Clutch PDF

Reference (Pages 90-93) in catalog P-1234


SFM Series
Electrically operated 12, 24, 103,5 VDC
Single friction face
Activated by power on

Coupling of a pulley or a hub

No backlash
For dry use
No residual torque in disengaged position
Fixed OM inductor

Airgap “P” should be adjusted at installation
Requires wear compensation


E210/E220 SeriesE210-E220-Series
Electrically operated 24 or 103,5 VDC depending size
Single friction face
Activated by power on