Warner Electric Spring-Set Brake Modules

Spring-Set Brakes.pdfPackaged Spring-Set Brake
Module for Holding Applications
The Spring-Set Brake Module is a NEMA C-face compatible unit designed to perform holding as well as occasional emergency stopping functions, making it particularly well-suited for motor brake applications. Because it is designed to be mounted on the front of a motor, it is an excellent choice for retrofitting an existing motor, or for use on custom designed machinery.

• NEMA C-face compatible mounting
• Performs holding functions with
occasional e-stops
• Completely assembled and
prebur nished at the factory
• Easy to install
• No adjustment required
• High torque, lead-free and
asbestos-free friction material
Principle of Operation
SSBM Brake torque is developed when springs apply a clamping force between the brake armature and the friciton disc to the end plate. Spring clamping force provides the holding torque of the brake

Spring-Set Brake Modules Electrcally Released Brakes
Product Data – Reference (Pages 117-120) in catalog P-1234

Spring-Set Brake Modules
Model No. Voltage D.C. Max RPM GEN 2 Part No. Part No.
EM-50/ERS-42 24 3600 5370-170-201 5370-170-122
EM-50/ERS-42 90 3600 5370-170-203 5370-170-123
EM-50/ERS-49 24 3600 5370-170-206 5370-170-124
EM-50/ERS-49 90 3600 5370-170-207 5370-170-125
EM-180/ERS-49 24 3600 5370-170-219
EM-180/ERS-49 90 3600 5370-170-220
EM-180/ERS-57 24 3600 5370-170-211 5370-170-126
EM-180/ERS-57 90 3600 5370-170-212 5370-170-127
EM-210/ERS-68 24 2000 5370-170-046
EM-210/ERS-68 90 2000 5370-170-047
EM-215/ERS-68 24 2000 5370-170-051
EM-215/ERS-68 90 2000 5370-170-052

Gen2 units are direct replacements for original models

  • Changes to the housing fin design increases heat dissipation capacities, especially in the enclosed configuration of the UniModule.
  • Improved input to output axis design reduces vibration and improves noise and wear factors.
  • Use of custom designed mounting bolts allows for conduit box location directly on top of the unit.
  • Bolt hole patterns are re-positioned for ease of mounting.
  • Add-on enclosure cover kits allow for a unit to be upgraded to an enclosed unit in the field without replacing the clutch/brake. A cover plate bolts to both sides of the unit creating a completely enclosed brake package, which keeps contaminates out and wear particles in, for clean, quiet operation.

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