Warner Electric UM-FBC Series

UniModule Clutch/Electrically Released Brake Combination

UM-FBC Series
Warner Electric offers the convenience of
pre-assembled UniModule
clutch/electrically released brake packages.UM-FBC
Assembly, alignment, and pre-burnishing
have been done at the factory. Bolt it on,
wire it up, and your clutch/electrically
released brake is ready to go. Available in
both C-face and base mounted versions.
Warner Electric’s unique design employs
powerful permanent magnets for maximum
torque when power is removed from the
brake coil. A small amount of electrical
power applied to the brake coil nullifies the
permanent magnets and the brake
releases. No springs to limit cycle rates.
Never any adjustments. No lubrication.
These brakes are recommended for dynamic
cycling operations only.
UM-FBC Series
Product Data – Reference (Pages 144-150) in catalog P-1234

Motor Clutch/ ER Brake
Model No. Voltage D.C. GEN 2 Part No Part No
UM-50-1020FBC 24 5370-273-243 5370-273-037
UM-50-1020FBC 90 5370-273-244 5370-273-036
UM-100-1020FBC 24 5370-273-248 5370-273-153
UM-100-1020FBC 90 5370-273-249 5370-273-125
UM-180-1020FBC 24 5370-273-253 5370-273-047
UM-180-1020FBC 90 5370-273-254 5370-273-046
UM-210-1020FBC 24 5371-273-013
UM-210-1020FBC 90 5371-273-012
UM-215-1020FBC 24 5371-273-099
UM-215-1020FBC 90 5371-273-079
Input Clutch/ ER Brake
Model No. Voltage D.C. GEN 2 Part No. Part No.
UM-50-2030FBC 24 5370-273-258 5370-273-042
UM-50-2030FBC 90 5370-273-259 5370-273-041
UM-100-2030FBC 24 5370-273-263 5370-273-154
UM-100-2030FBC 90 5370-273-264 5370-273-155
UM-180-2030FBC 24 5370-273-268 5370-273-052
UM-180-2030FBC 90 5370-273-269 5370-273-051
UM-210-2030FBC 24 5371-273-018
UM-210-2030FBC 90 5371-273-017
UM-215-2030FBC 24 5371-273-100
UM-215-2030FBC 90 5371-273-101
Description UM Size Part No.
Conduit Box All sizes 5370-101-042
Base Mount Kit
for 2030 FBC
Motor Mount Kit
for 1020 FBC
Cover Kit 50/100/180 5370-101-076

Gen2 units are direct replacements for original models

  • Changes to the housing fin design increases heat dissipation capacities, especially in the enclosed configuration of the UniModule.
  • Improved input to output axis design reduces vibration and improves noise and wear factors.
  • Use of custom designed mounting bolts allows for conduit box location directly on top of the unit.
  • Bolt hole patterns are re-positioned for ease of mounting.
  • Add-on enclosure cover kits allow for a unit to be upgraded to an enclosed unit in the field without replacing the clutch/brake. A cover plate bolts to both sides of the unit creating a completely enclosed brake package, which keeps contaminates out and wear particles in, for clean, quiet operation.

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