Warner SCB Series Long Life Clutch/Brake 326-17-009


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Part Number: 326-17-009
Model: SCB-6
Bore Size: 0.75″
Voltage: 24 VDC
Rotation: CW

The Super CB Series Clutch/Brakes function in the same manner as the standard CB Series.The major advantage of the Super CB High Performance clutch/brake package is extraordinary long life, up to five times longer than a standard unit. It features hardened steel wear rings on the primary hubs at the crossover point of the clutch, brake, and shaft hubs to further increase life. The SCB Series is recommended for heavy-duty applications requiring maximum torque, high cycle rates and minimum maintenance.

• Maintenance-free self-lubricating hubs are 18% oil by volume.
• Sintered metal hub offers easy machining for custom drive attachments
• Hub mounting holes for simple pulley or sprocket mounting
• Hardened crossover points on input, output and brake hubs provide increased life
• 4 standard sizes
• Brake engages automatically when de-clutched

Available Power Supply Units

One Shot Octal Socket Power Supply

Part Number: 901-00-019

Warner Electric’s One Shot Power Supply is a plug-in clutch/brake control designed for operation of AC or DC wrap spring clutches and brakes with a D-frame coil. The One Shot provides a single voltage pulse of 160 or 325 VDC for approximately 20MS, whether the customer supplied switch is momentarily closed or held closed. The One Shot Power Supply is UL Listed when used with Warner Electric’s octal socket, part no. 6001-101-001, or DIN rail mount octal socket, part no. 6001-101-002 (each purchased separately) and only UL-Recognized when used with other sockets. This unit may be mounted in any convenient position using the two mounting holes provided on the socket. Actuating the single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch energizes the solenoid coil. Releasing or resetting the switch charges an internal capacitor. A minimum of 20 milliseconds cycle time is required between operations.
Note: Designed for use with actuator limit stop option.

One Shot Power Supply

Part Number: 901-00-014

The One Shot Power Supply is available for use with standard AC as well as DC D-Frame coils. The one shot provides a single overexcite voltage pulse whether the switch is momentarily closed, or held closed. The unit operates on either 120 or 230 AC, 50/60 Hz power and may be mounted in any convenient position by use of two mounting holes for #8-32 screws.

Note: Designed for use with actuator limit stop option and D-frame coil.

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric Super CB Series Clutch / Brakes Catalog