Warner Electric PCB-1225 Normal Duty

  • pcb-1225-normal-duty
  • PCB Series
  • Model Size: pcb-1225
  • Voltage: 6/24/90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 465 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 3,000 rpm
  • Shaft Size: .937 – 3.000

PCB Series Clutch
PCB-1225 Normal Duty

The PCB Series clutch-brakes combine a PC clutch and a PB brake into one compact design…

These units, when used in conjunction with the correct
Warner Electric conduit box, meet the standards set of
UL508 and are listed under guide card #NMTR2, file
These units are CSA certified under file #LR11543.

Product Data – Reference (Pages 16-73) in catalog P-1264

PCB-1225 Normal Duty
ItemDescriptionPart NumberQty.
2Autogap Accessory5201-101-0084
3Mounting Accessory5321-101-0011
6 Volt5303-631-005
24 Volt5303-631-007
90 Volt5303-631-008
4-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
5Magnet Hub1
Left Hand (shown)5303-541-001
Right Hand5303-541-002
5-1Collector Ring5301-749-0011
5-2Collector Ring Assembly5303-101-0041
15/16″ to 3″ Bore180-0262 to180-0295
9Autogap Accessory5201-101-0084
10AMounting Accessory – I.M.5321-101-0011
10BMounting Accessory – O.M. 5321-101-0022
11AMagnet – Inside Mounted1
6 Volt5313-631-005
24 Volt5313-631-006
90 Volt5313-631-007
11A-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
11BMagnet – Outside Mounted1
6 Volt5313-631-010
24 Volt5313-631-012
90 Volt5313-631-011
11B-1Terminal Accessory5311-101-0011
12Conduit Box5200-101-0112

Manuals and Specifications

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CatalogWarner Electric PCB Series Clutch/Brake Catalog