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Positioning Control

Clutch Brake Positioning Control is a dedicated control incorporating a counter system, control logic, and clutch brake power supply for closed loop control operation. The controller uses an incremental encoder input with marker pulse to register position for single revolution operation. The single board design eliminates interconnection between numerous boards and controls and improves reliability by removing unnecessary interconnecting cables. With a single board, replacement is simplified. The control has front panel indicators to tell when the clutch is on, brake is on, a fault has occurred and a home pulse indicator. In addition, a front panel run-jog switch allows the user to operate the control in normal running mode or in jog mode for set up and troubleshooting purposes.

Manuals and Specifications

ManualCBPC 3590 Service Manual
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    • 6051-448-002
    • Positioning Control
    • Model Name: cbpc-3590
    • Input Power: 120 VAC
    • Fusing: 1.6 Amp, 250 V fast acting
    • Output: 0 – 90 VDC
    • Output Frequency: 60 to 400 Hz