B-Track K2VL

General Duty Linear Actuators B-Track K2VL

General Duty Linear Actuator
DC Motor Acme Screw
Up to 600 lbs. (270kg) Rated Load
Up to 2.7 in. (68.58mm)/sec. Travel Speed
Drive Type: Hybrid Acme


lbs. @ in./sec.
200 @ 2.0
300 @ 1.0
600 @ 0.5


2 to 12 in 2” increments
(50 to 300 in 50mm increments)

Input Voltage (vdc): 12, 24

B-Track K2VL
Intended for severe service requirements and loads up to 600 lbs. (270kg) Lowest priced model in the B-Track family.

Protective coatings and O-ring seals throughout
Hybrid nut and screw design, no brake needed
Ball detent overload clutch
2 to 12 inches (50 to 300 millimeters) stroke lengths
Up to 600 pound (270 kilograms) load capacities
Speeds up to 2.7 in. (68.58 millimeters)/sec. travel
Thermal overload incorporated into the motor
Heavy wall construction
Double ball bearing motors
Heat treated gears
Rugged extension rod bearing support
Custom mounting options available

Typical Applications:
Flow gate open/close
Deck and implement lifts for tractors and mobile applications
Wheelchair and scooter lifts
Bin and tank cover lifts
Remote engine clutch engagement

Manuals and Specifications

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