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P1.x Electronic Stroke Limit Control

The P1.x Limit Switch control provides end of travel positioning through the use of a hall effect sensor and motor mounted relay.

Hall effect sensors are factory mounted within the actuator cover tube. The sensor position is set at the factory and is not field adjustable (see EP.1 for
adjustable switch functions). The hall effect sensors are sealed for life and are not subject to wear.

The Electronic Stroke control package consists of the hall effect sensors and a motor mounted relay within an enclosure suited for harsh environments.

A Zener diode suppression is used on both input and outputs for added protection from electrical spikes. Unit reversing is achieved by reversing input power polarity to the motor.

25 amps max. @ 12 volts
12.5 amps max. @ 24 volts

Operating Temperature:
-30º to +140º F (-34ºC to 60ºC)

P1.0 Standard Stoke Limit Control

P1.1 Same as P1.0 with two LED’s on the outside of the control module. LED’s indicate when end of travel has been reached.

P1.2 Same as P1.0 with two 12/24 volt, 0.5 amps outputs that can be used to signal an external switch, relay, lamp or PLC input.

P1.2LE Two +5 VDC 25ma outputs plus a ground to provide a signal when end of travel is reached. This output can be used to power LED’s.

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