B-Track K2ac

Rugged Duty Actuators B-Track K2AC

Rugged Duty Actuator
AC Motor Acme Screw
Up to 1,500 lbs. (680kg) Rated Load
Up to 2.1 in. (53.34mm)/sec. Travel SpeedDrive Type: Hybrid Acme


lbs. @ in./sec.
500 @ 2.0
(225 @ 50)
1000 @ 1.0
(445 @ 25)
1500 @ 0.33
(680 @ 8)


2 to 24 in 2” increments
(100 to 600 in 50mm increments)

Input Voltage (vac): 115, 230

B-Track K2AC
Uses a patented straight line load transfer offering high load capability in a small package size. Bronze or Delrin® nut options available for high impact load applications up to 1,500 lbs. (680kg).

Protective coatings and O-ring seals throughout
Patented in-line load system
Hybrid nut and screw design, no brake neededBall detent overload clutch
4 to 24 inches (100 to 600 millimeters) stroke lengths
Up to 1500 pounds (680 kilograms) load capacitiesSpeeds up to 2.1 in. (53.34 millimeters)/sec. travel
Thermal overload incorporated into the motor
Heavy wall construction
Double ball bearing motors and heat treated gears
Rugged extension rod bearing support
Custom mounting options available
Limit switches offered only in the adjustable version (EP1.x)

Typical Applications:
Ergonomic lift tables
Conveyor diverters
Bin/tank cover lifts
Roof vents

Manuals and Specifications

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