P2 DC Position Feedback

Linear Actuators P2-DC Position Feedback Control

BTc Controls P2-DC Position Feedback Control
The P2.0 DC Position is a microprocessor position feedback control providing a 0 -10 volt DC output indicating actuator travel. The control uses two inductive pulse count sensors and a counting wheel to accurately determine actuator position.A third sensor at the full retract position serves as the home or zero position.

Hall effect limit switches (those used in the P1.0 control) are used to provide end of travel positioning and will shut off actuator at both full extend and retract settings. All sensors are non-contact and sealed for life. They are integrated within the actuator and control to protect them from contamination.

Supply Power:
25 amps @ 12 volts dc
12.5 amps @ 24 volts dc

-30° to 140° F (-34ºC to 60ºC)

Zener diode suppression on the input and output for protection from electrical noise

Manuals and Specifications

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