B-Track K2JS/K2XJS

Rugged Duty Actuators B-Track K2JS/K2XJS

Jack Stand Actuator
DC Motor – Acme or Ball Screw
Up to 2,800 lbs. (1270kg) Rated Load
Up to 2.1 in. (53.34mm)/sec. Travel Speed

Shown with optional switch box, direct drive
manual override, and footpad.

B-Track K2JS/K2XJS
The B-Track Jack Stand actuator incorporates a large diameter extension rod providing the maximum offset load capability within the K2 family. The extension rod is slightly smaller than the cover tube and slides on Teflon® bearings within the cover tube. This feature makes the K2JS suitable for high-load, free-standing use.

A number of mounting options are available including trunnion mounts, or with standard flange plate (as shown). These units can be customized with an integral switch box, direct drive manual override, or pivoting footpad.

Protective coatings and O-ring seals throughout
Efficient in-line ball screw system
Integral load holding brake on K2x model
Ball detent over load clutch
8 to 16 inches (200 to 400
millimeters) stroke lengths
Up to 2,800 pounds (1270
kilograms) load capacities
Speeds up to 2.1 inches (53.34
millimeters)/sec. travel
Thermal overload incorporated into the motor
Heavy wall construction
Double ball bearing motors and heat treated gears
Rugged extension rod bearing support
Custom mounting options available

Typical Applications:
Trailer jack stands
Trailer and vehicle outriggers
Implement lifts
Machine height adjustment
Camper lifts
Load Levelers

Manuals and Specifications

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