Warner Electric 5371-169-068 EUM Series Brake Module

  • 5371-169-068
  • EUM Series
  • Model Size: EUM-210-7/8
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 32 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 3600
  • NEMA Frame Size: 213TC

Model No. – EUM-210-7/8-20MBFB-56
Voltage D.C. – 90
GEN 2 Part separate – N/A
GEN 2 Part with kit – N/A
Original Part No – 5371-169-068

Enclosed UniModules Contamination-Proof Design
Enclosed design eliminates damage to the working components.


Totally Enclosed Version
The Enclosed UniModule packages the hardworking components from UM products into a totally enclosed housing. This rugged housing keeps wear particles in and contaminants out and provides quiet operation. Pre-burnished at the factory for rated torque directly out-of-box.
• Keeps contaminants out
• Keeps wear particles in
• Quiet operation
• Finned for heat dissipation
• UL listed when optional conduit box is

To convert any Gen 2 UniModule
50, 100, and 180 sizes to an enclosed model
purchase optional Cover Kit
(part number 5370-101-076)

Enclosed UniModule Conversion
Enclosed UniModules, (EUMs) for 50, 100, and 180 sizes, are being replaced by GEN 2 UniModules (UMs) and an easy to install cover kit. Each kit contains (2) vent covers, (2) gaskets and (4) screws. A vent cover bolts to both sides of the UniModule unit to enclose the open vents of the housing creating a totally enclosed (non-washdown) brake package which keeps contaminants out and wear particles in for clean, quiet operation.

Accessories Warner Electric
Electro Modules can be fitted with several accessories to extend their capacity and ease of mounting.

a. Conduit Box – NEMA 4 and UL listed, available in standard and washdown versions.

b. Mounting Brackets – Two styles of mounting brackets are available for simplified installation. The base mount is used with the 20/30 and 30/40 configurations. A motor mount is also available and provides sturdy support for 20, 10/20 and 10/40 units and motor.

c. Cover Kit – For sizes 50, 100 & 180
Each cover kit includes two (2) vent covers, two (2) gaskets and four (4) screws needed to convert a vented design into an enclosed design. For brake only modules, a cover plate is included to enclose the back of the brake.

Description FBB Size Part No.
Conduit Box All Sizes 5370-101-042
Motor Mount Kit
for 20FBB

Gen2 units are direct replacements for original models

  • Changes to the housing fin design increases heat dissipation capacities, especially in the enclosed configuration of the UniModule.
  • Improved input to output axis design reduces vibration and improves noise and wear factors.
  • Use of custom designed mounting bolts allows for conduit box location directly on top of the unit.
  • Bolt hole patterns are re-positioned for ease of mounting.
  • Add-on enclosure cover kits allow for a unit to be upgraded to an enclosed unit in the field without replacing the clutch/brake. A cover plate bolts to both sides of the unit creating a completely enclosed brake package, which keeps contaminates out and wear particles in, for clean, quiet operation.

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric EUM Totally Enclosed Catalog