General Duty Linear Actuators I-Track

i-track-w-ceGeneral Duty Linear Actuator
DC Motor Ball Screw
Up to 200 lbs. (890 N) Rated Load
Up to 1 in. (25 mm)/sec. Travel Speed

Load Capacity & Speed

lbs. @ in./sec.
200 @ 1.1

Stand. Stroke Length in. (mm)

2 to 12 in 2” increments
(50 to 300 in 50mm increments)

Input Voltage (vdc): 12, 24

I-Track Linear Actuator
I-Track is a general duty inline actuator suited for applications needing a power-off releasing the rod into a float mode. This unit utilizes a ball screw and planetary drive for long life in a compact space. Models can be fitted with a potentiometer that is directly coupled to the rod that will provide position feedback regardless if the rod is in float or locked mode. It can be driven by PWM to control velocity. For controlling the float and locked rod setting there is a separate input independent of the motor connection. The rod can also be configured to be permanently locked for applications where a floating rod is not required. The unit incorporates a ratchet-free overload slip clutch to protect the drive system.

Models available in 12VDC and 24VDC.
Loads up to 200 lbs thrust.
In-line design reduces base footprint.
Releasing clutch allows rod to float with clutch power-off. Clutch power is separate from motor power.
Clutch also acts as over-load protection.
Motor thermal for added motor protection.
Optional Potentiometer output scaled to stroke.
Can be driven by PWM (not supplied) controller to achieve multiple velocities.
Can be mounted at the body by trunnions (shoulder bolts) or as traditional clevis.
Rod end mounts are configurable.
Ball screw and nut for long life.
Operating temperatures -40° F to +185° F (-40° C to 85° C).
Steel rod for durability.
Nitrile impregnated gaskets for superior sealing.
Black powder coat for 250 hour salt spray protection.
Nitrotec® coated steel components for 250 hour Salt Spray Protection.
IP69K Static (Download Brochure); IP66 Dynamic. Rod bellow will allow for temporary operation IP67 submersion.

Typical Applications:
Throttle controls
Mobility lifts for vehicles requiring manual operation in emergency situations
Hydraulic flow controls
Bus Door Operator
Hatch lift applications
Handicap Van Lifts
Engine Controls
Emergency Door (lock and unlock via VDC)

Technical Product Data
I-Track Please Refer to page 19-21 of the catalog (P-1581-WL)