Warner Electric 5282-271-012 Electro Pack Clutch Brake

Model Size – EC-825
Voltage D.C. – 90
Bore Size – 1-1/4″
Original Part No – 5282-271-012

Electro Pack Clutch/Brakes
Shaft Mounted Units Electro Clutches (EC) and Brakes (EB) provide all the features of electric clutches and brakes in a convenient, pre-packaged assembly. ECs and EBs mount on any through shaft or extended motor shaft, and are easy-to-assemble with standard sheaves, pulleys, gears and sprockets.

Electro Clutches (EC) and Brakes (EB) Product Data
Reference (Pages 67-73) in catalog P-1234-WE

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Warner Electric EC / EB Series Electro Clutches and Brakes PDF