Warner Electric 5370-271-051 Clutch Brake

  • 5370-271-051
  • EUM Series
  • Model Size: EUM-180
  • Voltage: 90 VDC
  • Static Torque: 30 lb. ft.
  • Max RPM: 3600
  • NEMA Frame Size: 182C/143TC 184C/145TC

Model No. – EUM-180-1040 Voltage D.C. – 90 Original Part No – 5370-271-051 Enclosed UniModule Preassembled Units Offer Clean, Quiet Operation EUM Series Totally Enclosed Clutch and Brake Packages 5 sizes 3 combinations 16 to 95 lb. ft. torque range Totally enclosed, rugged enclosure keeps wear particles in and contaminants out. Finned for rapid heat dissipation and long life. Accessories Warner Electric a. Conduit Box NEMA 4 and UL listed, available in standard and washdown versions. b. Fan Kit (UM and EUM 1020 only) Extends the thermal capacity of an EUM. Mounts between motor and EUM, includes shaft, fan, guard and hardware. Available in standard black coating or food grade approved white coating. c. Integral Control The CBC-150 dual channel control fits into the cover of the conduit box. It is suitable for AC side switching (triac or relay) and includes high performance suppression. d. Mounting Brackets Two styles of mounting brackets are available for simplified installation. The base mount is used with the 2030 configuration. A motor mount is also available and provides sturdy support for a 1020 or 1040 combination with motor.

Description EM Size Part No
Conduit Box All sizes 5370-101-042
Control CBC-150-1 CBC-150-2 6004-448-001 6004-448-002
Base Mount Kits for 2030 50 50/180* 210 5370-101-004 5370-101-002 5371-101-001
Motor Mount Kits for 1020, 1040 50/100 50/100/180* 210/215 5370-101-078 5370-101-079 5371-101-012
Fan Kits for 1020 50/100 180 210 5370-101-055 5370-101-054 5371-101-029

Manuals and Specifications

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Catalog Warner Electric EUM and EUM-W Series Enclosed UniModule Catalog
Service Parts Warner Electric EUM/EUM-W Series Service Parts