Warner Electric Clutches & Brakes

Warner UM Series ClutchesWarner Electric EM Series Clutches & Brakes

Electro Module / Individual Clutch and Brake Modules EM Series Modular Components that are Easily Combined.

5 sizes, 16 clutch and brake modules, 16 to 95 lb. ft. torque range.


Warner UM Series ClutchesWarner UM Series Clutches & Brakes

One Piece Preassembled Clutches and Clutch/Brakes, C-face or Base Mounted Units,

5 sizes, 20 combinations, 16 to 95 lb. ft. torque range.


Warner UM Smooth-Start UniModules

Smooth-Start designs allow for a soft engage clutch and brake without sacrificing unit life.

5 sizes, 10-57 lb.ft. torque range


Warner UM-C Series

High Performance Version for High Cycle Rate Applications

3 sizes, 6 combinations, 16 to 95 lb. ft torque range



Warner EUM-W Series

The washdown version of the EUM uses stainless steel shafting, USDA approved coating, corrosion resistant fasteners and special seals.

5 sizes, 8 combinations, 16 to 95 lb. ft. torque range


Warner Electric EUM Series Clutches & Brakes

Totally enclosed, rugged enclosure keeps wear particles in and contaminants out. Finned for rapid heat dissipation and long life.

5 sizes, 3 combinations, 16 to 95 lb. ft. torque range



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