Warner Electric SF-120 Bearing Mounted

stationary-field-deisgn-warner-electic-cluchSF Series Clutch
SF-120 Bearing Mounted

™ Flange or bearing mounted styles
™ The SF design eliminates collector rings and brush-holder. Ideal for adverse environmental conditions. Mounting tolerances are generally more critical than the PC design.

Product Data – Reference (Pages 16-73) in catalog P-1264

SF-120 Bearing Mounted
ItemDescriptionPart NumberQty.
1AArmature and Hub
1A-1Armature Hub1
3/16” Bore5602-541-009
1/4” Bore5602-541-008
1BAntibacklash Armature1
3/16” Bore5602-111-002
1/4” Bore5602-111-003
5/16” Bore5602-111-007
3/16” Bore5602-751-008
1/4” Bore5602-751-006
5/16” Bore5602-751-007
6 Volt5602-451-021
24 Volt5602-451-023
90 Volt5602-451-025
4Set Collar5602-266-0011

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